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I worked  as an inpatient psychologist for 4 years, and then accepted a position as Assistant Director of the Counseling Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  I opened my full-time private practice in 1987, which continues to this day, and now includes both coaching and psychotherapy. Over these past 33 years, it has been my honor to earn the trust of my clients, as we work toward enhancing the quality of their life.

My therapy work is customized to the needs and goals of the individual/couple. I draw from many different theoretical approaches and techniques including: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Positive Psychology, Solutions-Oriented Therapy, Ericksonian Therapy, and Couples Therapy. To better understand the differences between coaching and therapy, please read the information on the  FAQs  page.

My life coaching style is highly collaborative, and uses a range of established change and life coaching techniques, as well as the principles of Positive Psychology. We begin by identifying your unique vision for your future, along with the strengths you bring to the coaching process. Through the process of self-exploration and discovery, we create a pathway for you to achieve your goals and turn you vision into reality. Couples coaching is similarly designed, and is firmly rooted in decades of research on what helps relationships to endure.

I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Iowa in 1981. After finishing my doctorate, I completed an internship at the University of Rochester Medical Center (Strong Memorial Hospital). Over the years since finishing my doctorate in psychology, I have continued my training and education in both coaching and psychotherapy techniques. In particular, I have participated in the Mentor Coach program, which specializes in training experienced psychotherapists in coaching techniques.

I have been helping people reach their most important goals for 34 years, and I love this work. As a life coach, I can utilize my experience and skills to empower you to reach goals you've previously only imagined. As a psychotherapist, I can work with you to overcome or manage emotional and behavior difficulties, in order to improve your quality of life. Whether it's coaching or in psychotherapy,  I am committed to ensuring that when we work together, you experience a sense of safety and acceptance.


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