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Psychotherapy is more appropriate for people who are experiencing significant emotional difficulties. The focus is on addressing psychological issues and symptoms, to help improve the quality of your life. Psychotherapy may be covered by insurance, depending on a number of factors. You must be in my office to receive psychotherapy, and consequently, you must live in my area.

Couples therapy is more appropriate for couples that have been experiencing significant distress and serious relationship difficulties.

Couples coaching assumes that the relationship is basically healthy. The coaching helps to solidify and strengthen the foundation of your relationship, and among other things can include learning helpful strategies for managing conflict. It is an action-oriented process, and we focus your goals for your relationship.


how does couples coaching differ from couples therapy?

Life coaching is a goal-oriented and results-oriented process, in which we establish a collaborative relationship for the purpose of helping you meet your goals. Coaching is focused on the present and future, and on creating a more fulfilling life. In life coaching we can work on sorting out and setting personal or career goals, helping you to create a vision of what you want. We identify the factors that might be holding you back from pursuing your goals, and then create a pathway for accomplishing them.. Life coaching is not about fixing emotional problems, and it is not covered by insurance. Life coaching and couples coaching can both be done over the phone or in my office consequently, you do not have to live in my area to coach with me. In fact, you can be located anywhere in the US.


What is the difference between life coaching and psychotherapy?